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We ship Canadian medication & specialty drugs across Canada with valid prescriptions at very competitive prices.


ADV-Care Pharmacy’s mission is to offer our customers by providing a convenient and secure way to buy prescription medication at the best possible price.


ADV-Care Pharmacy aims to be the pharmacy of choice for people seeking a trustworthy alternative and the best value for conveniently filling prescriptions to treat their chronic conditions


A group of engineers and pharmacists found ADV-Care Pharmacy in 1998. These engineers saw the potential in emerging internet technology and also felt that it’s a great platform to provide patients with a convenient ways to receive healthcare services, order their medication and receive it at their doorsteps.

ADV-Care Pharmacy got certification from the Ontario College of Pharmacists and is listed with PharmacyChecker, which verifies pharmacies across Canada.

Our journey hasn’t been easy, nor did we expect it to be when it comes to providing health care. The mission of the ADV-Care Pharmacy is to develop innovative processes to provide access to affordable medication by guaranteeing safety and security to the consumer.

Our History


ADV-Care Pharmacy worked to launch its first website using IBM Net Commerce software (now known as WebSphere), a reliable and proven enterprise-level platform. We designed an accurate process to verify patients and their prescribing practitioners, as well as a fully automated and integrated front-end (website) and back-end order fulfillment process, to secure the utmost safety and speed.


ADV-Care Pharmacy received its accreditation licensing from the Ontario College of pharmacists and also started its website later that year, becoming the world’s first-ever online pharmacy. ADV-Care Pharmacy was the first pharmacy to publish Canadian medicine prices online, which we do to this day. This enables patients to compare the prices of their medicines with that of local pharmacies.

2000 - 2001

During 2000 and 2001, the firm continued extending its processes and began a fully automated integrated front end (website) and back end filling process that supports the safety of filling a prescription on the internet and tracking its processing stages until the person receives the package.


Starting in 2001, a growing number of Canadian snowbirds and US residents realized the convenience and cost savings of ADV-Care Pharmacy and started using our service. As a leading provider of this unique service, we applied for non-resident pharmacy licenses in Florida and Rhode Island to meet demand.


To save up to 50% of the medication costs, a large number of employees and private groups in the US enrolled for an exclusive service arrangement. During this time, many competitors had begun to establish online pharmacies, ADV-Care Pharmacy still managed to lead in the field. Representatives of state governments in the US toured our facilities; further to a favorable report, we began a state-sponsored program for US citizens.

2003 - 2005

ADV-Care Pharmacy expanded with our continuous devotion and improvement. In 2007 we initiated patient safety features and services, such as automated refill reminders, an automatic drug interaction check for every new order, online order tracking, and even speedier processing times.


The organization moved its services to a new location as part of the continuing expansion and further grew into export business.


ADV-Care Pharmacy launched its kiosk & app to give cross-platform access across all devices. The ADV-Care Pharmacy app completes our spectrum of all-device coverage, with each portal acting as a synchronized consumer access point for information and receive our prescription service.


ADV-Care Pharmacy implemented new and upgraded technology for cold-chain medication such as insulin. A new type of temperature-controlled that keeps medication refrigerated within safe temperature.


ADV-Care Pharmacy gives secured personal, confidential, comprehensive, customized pharmaceutical services on a one-to-one basis. Patients talk directly to our pharmacists for all their concerns related to their prescriptions. Medicines ordered are delivered directly to patients in many countries. Enrolled patients have a history of previous purchases for easy re-ordering and receive transaction confirmation and reminders by phone or email.

New patients can request their new prescriptions online using our secured website any time 24/7 - a service only provided by ADV-Care Pharmacy. In addition to individual patient’s service, we give pharmaceutical, specialty, and orphan medications to clinics and intermediaries across the world in multiple languages. Also, ADV-Care Pharmacy continues to grow its fulfillment technology and specialized shipping of cold-chain medication such as insulin.


Our privacy policy

Personal Information of our customers is gathered only to establish a profile that helps us provide a safe, fast and efficient service. We will not use the information for any marketing or other purpose, nor will we share it with any third parties. You retain your complete privacy while taking advantage of all services we offer.

Our Delivery policy

Delivery of medications is managed by Canada Post Express Post registered delivery service. Contact our Customer Service for Other delivery arrangement.

Our Counseling policy

Our pharmacy will make all reasonable attempts to contact customers for counseling on all prescription medications and over the counter orders. Customers are invited to contact us or call our toll free number 1 (888) 471-4721 during business hours should there be any questions or concerns. Our pharmacists are always available during business hours to answer any questions.

Our Customer Complaint policy

Customers can send their concerns or complaints to our Customer Service Manager or Pharmacy Manager. Matters will be resolved within five (5) business days.

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